For every patient.
For the world.
Lumina gives you access to high-quality services designed to help you manage your health, wherever you are.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Conversations, care coordination, and support from a professional that knows you.

Preventative Care

Preventative care services, check-ups and advice from providers who understand your condition.

Pharmacy Services

Quick and easy connection to your pharmacy, plus reminders for taking and refilling your meds.

Speciality Care

Need something new? See a specialist with Lumina Care’s remote referral services.

Medical Testing

Get labs ordered, filled,
and recorded in half the time, with quick access to past results.

Care Coordination

Build stronger connections between your providers and get constant check-ups for better-quality care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our modern tech gathers your crucial health data and sends it to your provider whenever they need it.

Behavioral Health Integration

Lumina’s sophisticated care system cares for your mind and body to keep you happy and healthy.

Transitional Care Management

When you’re ready to transition from a hospital to  home or care community, we can help.

Chronic Care Management

Get the support you need to manage your chronic illness, right from the convenience and comfort of your home.


Connect directly with your doctor through virtual appointments that fit your schedule and your lifestyle.


Get pharmacy refills, ask nursing questions, or get other everyday support from the comfort of home.